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Hydration Tips

There is often confusion about hydration and what our bodies need. Different body types have different hydration needs so it is always best to listen to your body and become aware of some of the basics. We’ve listed the top 5 hydration facts to help you find what works best for you.

1.know how much to drink

Drink  14-20 fl oz (400 to 600 ml) of water a half hour prior to an activity. You need to start to hydrate before you actually engage in any activities, otherwise, you might be starting out dehydrated (particularly if your games/activities are in the morning).

2. know when to drink

Have lots of fluid during the early stages of practice and competition. You will absorb water better during this time.

3. electrolytes

After an hour of relatively intense activity, you will NEED electrolytes. At that point in time, you need to replace the minerals you have lost through sweat. If you are a heavy sweater, or you lose a lot of salt when you sweat you’ll see white marks all over your shirt after engaging in an intense activity. Pick ONLY a high-quality electrolyte like Ultima Replenisher. Many sports drinks have high fructose corn syrup and dyes and are not advisable for optimal performance.

4. know what to avoid

Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine is a diuretic and can actually dehydrate you.

5. fun and games

Keep in mind that even when you are swimming, you still need to hydrate. Many people get sick at pool parties because they don’t feel hot when spending all that time in the pool, yet they are not putting fluids inside the body. This can be compounded if you are old enough to have alcoholic beverages since these are also dehydrating.

Why Do I Need Electrolytes?

As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you might be wondering why there is so much hype surrounding electrolytes. “Why can’t I just subsist on water alone?” you might ask. Electrolytes are minerals that carry an electrical charge. They have an impact on how your muscles function, how alkaline your blood is, and how much water you have in your body. In addition to their individual roles, electrolytes often work in harmony with vitamins and other minerals in the body to keep you feeling good and performing at your best. For more information check out our page dedicated to explaining Electrolytes in more depth.

It would be pretty much impossible to achieve peak performance without proper hydration with balanced electrolytes so pay special attention to your individual hydration needs to stay healthy!

Ultima Replenisher contains a perfect balance of all 6 electrolytes plus support minerals for optimal hydration, plus it has no sugar or calories, nothing artificial, no dyes, is non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, paleo and made with plant-based ingredients!

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