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Megafood Blood Builder 30 Tablets – Recommended across the board by the members of our sales staff

Blood Builder®

Clinically proven to increase iron levels*

MegaFood® Blood Builder® is one of our top-selling products for a reason: it’s clinically proven to increase iron levels and reduce fatigue without common gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea or constipation (there, we said it!)†. We make it with nourishing, whole foods, like beets from Stahlbush® Island Farms and organic oranges from Uncle Matt’s Organic, plus folic acid and B12 for healthy red blood cell production, and vitamin C to support iron absorption. Oh, and did we tell you it’s safe to take on an empty stomach? If building your blood without missing a beet (see what we did there?) sounds up your alley, this is the product for you

Blood Builder® was shown in an 8-week clinical trial to increase iron levels in individuals with low iron without causing nausea or constipation

Delivers a gentle and effective 26 mg of FoodState® Iron per serving

Includes folic acid, and B12 which help maintain healthy red blood cell production

Safe for menstruating women, teenage girls, pregnant women, vegans and vegetarians, athletes, and recent blood donors, all of whom are at increased risk of being low in iron. Naturally combats fatigue and improves energy levels

Crafted using our Slo-Food Process with FoodState® Beet Root from Stahlbush® Island Farms and FoodState® Vitamin C with organic oranges from Uncle Matt’s Organic

Gentle enough to take on an empty stomach

Also available in convenient twice-a-day mini tablet form

Note: Consumers should consult with their healthcare practitioners for advice regarding specific health conditions and recommended solutions

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