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A special type of starch called resistant starch provides unique and remarkable properties, improving your metabolism and blood sugar while optimizing your gut flora to promote weight loss.

Resistant starch is a kind of starch that is not digested in the small intestine, hence its name. Instead, your gut bacteria processes it, creating beneficial molecules that promote balanced blood sugar and healthy gut flora. In other words, when you eat resistant starch, it “resists” digestion and does not spike blood sugar or insulin.

Resistant starch is made by cooking and then cooling starches like potatoes or rice and not reheating them, transforming regular starch into resistant starch.

Interestingly, resistant starch is really a prebiotic. Prebiotics come in many forms, including inulin from chicory or Jerusalem artichokes, soluble fiber from psyllium, or high-amylose plants such as potatoes, green bananas, and plantains.

Consider resistant starch to be compost or “super-fertilizer” for your healthy gut bacteria or gut microbiome, which profoundly connects to almost every part of your health. In fact, researchers link gut flora imbalances with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, cancer, depression, anxiety and autism.

An effective way to get your gut back into balance is tending to your inner garden by giving your gut bugs prebiotics, which they love to munch on. As resistant starch enters your gut, hundreds of species of bugs digest or ferment the starch. From that process, those good bugs create many beneficial compounds.

Doing this also increases beneficial bugs that crowd out the bad ones. Those good guys produce what we call short-chain fatty acids, which provide your colon cells fuel.

Butyrate is one such fatty acid, which can prevent cancer, speed up your metabolism and reduce inflammation. Doing this heals your gut while preventing leaky gut that drives food allergies, inflammation and weight gain.

As your gut heals, you can then optimally digest your food and absorb nutrients in that food. When your good bugs flourish, they can then replicate, producing vitamins, regulating your hormones, excreting toxins and creating healing compounds that keep your gut healthy and functioning properly.

Bad bugs and yeast overgrowth, on the other hand, overload your system with toxins called lipopolysaccharides (LPS) that subsequently trigger inflammation, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and ultimately weight gain. As your gut heals, good bugs increase and crowd out the bad ones, decreasing inflammation in the process.

Resistant starch can also improve insulin sensitivity and reduce your blood sugar after meals. It becomes a powerful tool to reverse diabesityIn one study, 15 to 30 grams (about two to four tablespoons) of potato starch improved insulin sensitivity and fat loss in obese men.

Research also shows resistant starch provides cardiovascular benefits. Researchers found adding resistant starch to your diet optimizes triglyceride and cholesterol levels while decreasing fat mass.

Simply put, when you incorporate prebiotic-rich foods like resistant starch into your diet, you change your gut bacteria to promote overall health and weight lossI’ve even found resistant starch helps me sleep better at night.

How to Take:

Mix 1 tablespoon Bob’s Red Mill Potato Starch  into a glass of water or a glass of cold or room temperature almond milk.  It offers a pleasant potato taste and is the simplest way to start. You an also add it to your smoothies or full, fat coconut milk yogurt. Start by doing 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 at night.


Source: Dr Mark Hyman

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